If you start young and look after the people who appear to have vulnerabilities, you support them more as they grow up, hopefully that will make a massive difference when they’re adults.

My slight concern is that it’s getting better but only for some. I think there’s something about consistency across services that needs to be looked at.

I’m really keen on preventative measures, rather than fixing something that’s broken. Thinking about how young people can develop their inner resources so that when life is difficult, and it is very difficult for young people, they’ll be able to meet the challenges.

It’s about empowering the young people to take social issues forward, that’s the most important thing, the young person feeling empowered to take back control of their own lives.

I think part of where mental health support needs to go is push for more parity with physical health. Also, it would be good for people to receive mental health support as quickly as they can receive physical health support.

For a lot of people, the longer you’re on the waiting list the worse it's going to get, so by the time you see them the problem is so much bigger, it’s unnecessary distress for the young person. Increasing the capacity and being able to see people sooner would be amazing.

Charities such as Off The Record are in constant need of support themselves, finding funding, volunteers and space to be able to help everyone who needs it. The service they and many other charities provide has been evidently invaluable to our society.

If this project can shed just a small amount of light on the amazing work done by the people at Off The Record, along with the many other incredible volunteers and workers around the UK, then it will be a success.

This Project is available as zine with full interviews.

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